On Saturday, March 28, 2015, I attended The Surround Sound of Fashion show at The Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. SSOF brings together aspiring models, fashion designers and musicians to present an infusion of entertainment and creativity. If you know me, you know that music and fashion are two of my true loves (food is next) so this is my type of event.

The fashion show included an array of apparel including casual wear from PRSVR (I love their pieces), CLEONS and Larkin, vintage numbers from TresBelle Vintage, and unique designer pieces from doublestitch twins, eighttwentyeight and aakofii. The musical talents were all wonderful. There was a magnificent Beatboxer from the Bronx by the name of Anointed S, Leon Q was the talented trumpeter from Chitown and the beautiful Ms. Giselle Flute Trance was on the…yep you guessed it- flute. They graced us with their talent on the runway alongside the models as they strutted back and forth! It was great! The show was hosted by Power 92.3’s Hotboyz Tone & Shagg. It was an all around (and long) night!

The Hotboyz reminded the audience several times that this was a competition so we should be rooting for our favorite model(s) as he or she graced the stage. I was surprised (or not) by how quiet, disconnected and inactive the crowd seemed to be. I didn’t hear as much cheering, whooping or hollering as I would expect at such a lovely event. The models were nice and certainly deserved some applause. Made me give Chicago the side eye, for real. I know we always get a bad rap for not supporting one another but dang. I’ll leave the whole topic of “shade” for another post.

The show ended with a performance from Maybach Music’s own “Omarion.” Personally, I wasn’t moved or touched-Chicago didn’t seem to go crazy for the old B2K member either. Dang Chitown..where the love at???