We’re 3 days into the New Year and while I’ve read some inspiring and positive posts on social media, I’ve seen an equal amount of negative ones.

“Don’t make resolutions,  you’re not going to keep them.”

“You’ll be the same person you were last year-so don’t lie to yourself.”

“This is the time of year where everyone wants to say how much better they’ll be but it never happens.”

The negativity goes on and on.

To these thoughts and to others that share this sentiment, I say this, stop the negativity. Can’t we set goals for ourselves without being ridiculed or belittled? We need to stand for something and what better time to start over? Who are you to discourage someone else? For folks like me, we plan to be a better person daily. It’s what drives and motivates us. Don’t you dare try to take away our shine. Luckily, there are people out there that know what I’m talking about. Here are some of the more positive things I’ve seen around the web:

In the words of Diddy and Mase “Can’t nobody take my pride / Can’t nobody hold me down…ohh no / I got to keep on movin”

Don’t let nobody hold you down. Happy New Year. Love, Q