Delicious. Breathtaking. Swoon. These are just a few words that come to mind when I gaze in awe at the perfection that is Sophia Webster.

This young British shoe designer is the genius behind some of the most fantastic pieces of footwear that have ever crossed my eyes. These shoes are beautifully crafted. Featuring wildly insane colors, bold prints, and an array of fabrics,  Sophia says, “One of the things I enjoy most about designing my collections is bringing fantasies to life.” And that she does. I’ve died and gone to Shoe Heaven. Take a look.

These beauts will cost a pretty penny though! Anywhere from $200 to $1,000! If your bank account will allow, (or you know someone whose will) SPLURGE!

You can find Sophia Webster in stores and around the web at Sophia Webster, Neiman MarcusNet-a-Porter, Nordstrom,  Saks, and (least expensive) to name a few. She also has a collection at