Is there something that you need to do and you keep procrastinating? What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? There’s no better time than the present? We think we’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow comes and we still don’t get it done. We might start, but then don’t finish. Don’t worry, I do it often too. What’s worse is the things I keep putting off are important: Eating healthy, exercising, finding my daughter a new school, writing for my blog, cleaning…the list goes on. My hope is that by encouraging you I will encourage myself.  It’s time to get stuff done. Start to finish.

Here, I’m in a red twirly dress that gave me life (this is my first time using that phrase…felt weird). I usually don’t go all matchy-matchy with shoes and accessories but red and leopard are the exception and I loved the result. Do what makes you comfortable. I do and its a wonderful feeling. Here’s to today…the day that we’ll never get back, and to tomorrow, the day we hope to see. Make it count.

Love, Q