When I first started writing this post, my intention was to ask WHY? What is the hype about these red-bottomed shoes by Christian Louboutin and why are they such the craze? Why are they thee IT shoe for today’s modern woman?  I planned to go on this rant about women spending all this money on a shoe blah blah blah. As I went to start looking for photos, I changed my mind. I learned more about the shoe. I saw them for what they really are. My focus shifted. Who was I kidding?

I’ll admit, part of the reason I don’t understand why a woman would spend over $1,000 for a shoe is that I can’t afford to do it. Plain and simple. Often, we don’t like things we don’t understand. We can’t relate. As much as I love shoes, if I had the money, I would totally buy these shoes! I had never gotten well acquainted with this shoe brand because I knew I wouldn’t be buying a pair any time soon. All I knew was this:

  • The name is mispronounced and everyone thinks their way is the right way (its loo-boo-tahn)
  • If you say red bottoms, people assume you don’t know how to say the real name
  • The name is used in many popular songs to signify class, wealth and good taste
  • The styles are often imitated
  • They’re expensive (and I’ve heard they’re not comfortable).

As I began to research more, I learned just how lovely these shoes are. I now appreciate them. I’m kinda in love with them. The beautiful silhouettes. the superfine stiletto heel, the immaculate detail, the array of colors and styles-trust me, these shoes would transform any ol regular foot. I now have a new found love and appreciation for these shoes. I will no longer wonder why one would pay over $700 for a pair of shoes. Louboutins have classic, signature styles. Learn more from the man himself in this interview here.

I understand now. I’m just waiting on the moment when I can buy a pair (and still have money left). I need to step my game up…literally. I’m working on it. Anybody got $5 on it? Love, Q