Put Some Respeck On My Name: Style Series Day 6

7 Days of Graphic Tees (Honoring Notable & Influential People You Should Know)

OK I’m having so much fun with this Style Series!!

These kids today can have their PS4s and XBOXs. They can keep their Fortnite and VBucks. ???

?These characters here need no introduction!!

The Mario Bros will be a FOREVER CLASSIC! The original Nintendo will always hold a special place in my 80s baby heart ❤️ . These pixelated images are giving me all the LIFE…and these Nintendo ‘mokentrol socks are EVERYTHING???

The thoughts of sticking the cartridge inside the Nintendo, gently pressing it down and shutting the lid or placing it vertically into the upright console (Super), this shirt + sock combo have me feeling nostalgic AF.

Added my cabi hi low crop jeans from the new collection (releasing this week) and a cabi blazer from last collection.

1 more day for this Style Series.2 more days til I’m headed to California to see the NEW cabi collection ???