Put Some Respeck On My Name: Style Series Day 4

7 Days of Graphic Tees (Honoring Notable & Influential People You Should Know)

Not sure what’s happening with the label today, but Death Row Records, founded by Suge Knight and Dr.Dre in 1991, was a record label that released albums from some of the greatest hip hop artists including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and my favorite rapper of allllllll time Tupac Shakur.

I have always been a fan of rap and Pac has always been my favorite. I loved him as an actor too! He was an intelligent rebel that had an impeccable way of putting words together and expressing himself.

I remember drawing the Death Row Label logo when I was a teenager!! I took my time and included every ??single??detail mkay?! #hugefanSuge Knight claimed to be blind back in 2015 ? to evade criminal charges for running someone over with his car but back when he still had his vision, he used it to build this incredible empire!! #respeck