Put Some Respeck On My Name: Style Series Day 1

Are you familiar with my 7 Day Style Series? It’s a segment of my Style blog where I identify a Fashion/Style theme/concept/trend and wear it for 7 days, giving you ideas and inspiration on how to wear it too!

If you’ve been rocking with me…you’re probably ready for a new Series so here we gooooo……

“Put Some Respeck On My Name: Style Series Day 1”

7 Days of Graphic Tees (Honoring Notable & Influential People You Should Know)

The Marathon Store Clothing line was created by the late great Nipsey Hussle, rapper and entrepreneur from Crenshaw, LA. Nipsey was tragically murdered on March 31 last year outside his store, The Marathon Clothing, the very same store where I grabbed this tank ?

Back in 2017, Kristopher and I took a few trips to LA (BaeCations ?) and that’s when we grabbed our tees. He put me up on Nip years ago – his entrepreneurship, his activism, his music and I became a huge fan, which is why his untimely death hit me hard…like Tupac’s ?

I’m glad I was able to get in tune with him and witness his greatness before he left us.

So yea….with that being said….put some respeck on his name!! The Marathon Continues