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Ladies, I’m curious to know what’s your monthly Beauty Budget? For me, my monthly routine typically consists of a new hairstyle (usually a protective one), a fresh set of individual lashes, threaded eyebrows and a no-chip mani/pedi. I’m usually out of about $300 when it’s all said and done. Thankfully, I get great service and it’s worth every bit of my time and money. I’ve grown to know and love these ladies as they know how important my appearance is to me and it shows in their thorough work and finished product. Here’s what I love about them all:

  • They are Meticulous Perfectionists. Milda, my eyelash lady at Smiley Eyes, takes her time and makes sure each individual lash is laid. She provides a comfortable environment as she does her work and I almost always go to sleep. I caught myself snoring last time SMH She’ll discount your 1st visit with my name.
  • They have no problem trying something new. I will show a photo to my nail tech, Jenny, at Luxury Nails and she will duplicate it to the best of her ability, even if she’s never done it before. I like to try new things and she’s always up for a challenge and she delivers every time.
  • They Listen. I always look forward to my protective hairstyles by Alesha. She is so sweet and we always have meaningful conversation. I always feel like we’re both better people and have learned something from each other after my appointments. She is also always up for a challenge when it comes to exploring new hairstyles and I love that. Makes me miss my sis and longtime hairstylist Cressi so much (she moved away).
  • They’re Professional. They all have systems for scheduling appointments. For my brows, I can go right to my girl, Lucy’s website, and book my appointment. No line no wait. I’m in and out…although if I had to wait a bit I wouldn’t mind because her shop is so damn cute.
  • They’re Flexible. I don’t wear makeup a lot but I can’t leave home without my lip gloss! Lately I am in LOVE with the Pouty Girl Lip Gloss by my girl Wyndi. I let her know when I was ready for my order and she arranged for me to get it when it was convenient for me! This all natural gloss gives you more than just shine and gloss but is a great healthy moisturizer! OMG it sure is! It has just enough sparkle and the perfect amount of shine. My lips feel and look so juicy and I love the variety of shades.And I’m a sucker for packaging so I’m all over the cute bottles! Grab yours here!

So ladies, if you’re anything like me, you’re not just throwing your dollars anywhere when it comes to the team of individuals that are responsible for enhancing your beauty or as I like to call them, my “Glam Squad.”

And if you’re looking for some new people…have your people call my people. Some may give discounts when you tell them “Q” sent you **wink wink**

Hugs, Q

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  1. Lauren on August 9, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    Wyndi is my cousin and I thank you so much for showing the love! Pouty Girl is truly the So proud of her