Over and Under

I believe layering is a skill but doesn’t have to be tough. It is definitely here to stay so take some tips on how to do it effectively. In particular for warmer seasons like spring and summer:

  • Be sure you’re adding lightweight, almost sheer pieces over opaque (non-see-through) ones like I’ve done here.
  • It’s good to go sleeveless under any outwear (unlike I’ve done here).
  • Pay attention to lines and length. The under layer doesn’t always need to be shorter than the outer one. Sometimes they can be the same length or once can be shorter than the other. Just make sure it works once you pull them together and look in the mirror.
  • Choose pieces that can come on and off easily. Cardigan with buttons, jackets with zippers. These will work for you and can be removed with ease.
  • Think loose. You want to have wiggle room and space for air to circulate.

You know your body best, so don’t overdo it if you’ll end up looking like you’ve just run 2 marathons! There’s always winter to get more practice!

Hugs, Q

Photography by: Amy Bissonette Photography