Nashville Here I Come

I’m counting down to cabi Scoop in Nashville this weekend. If you don’t know what Scoop is, check out this post. I have 1 full day, just 1 day to get myself together! Here’s what’s left to do:

Beauty-Hair & Eyes | Packing ???

I like to be strategic with packing. Ladies, we can get crazy and go overboard and seriously, I don’t have time for that. I’m pregnant and my options are limited so I’m bringing what I need (and just a little bit extra lol):

  1. A comfy travel fit – we’re taking a road trip
  2. Something to change into upon arrival
  3. First-day conference look – lots of walking so cute yet comfortable is key
  4. Change for dinner – downtown Nashville 
  5. Conference Day 2 look – same criteria as #3
  6. A comfy travel fit – back on the road home

OK…6 outfits (+1 or 2) for 3 days. Geez, I won’t be at home so I’ll need something to sleep in.  And jewelry and shoes. Oh man… Let me get it together guys! 

Who’s in Nashville? What do I need to bring? What should I keep at home? Packing tips? Road trip advice? I’d love to hear from you!