Luxury Lifestyle Nails-Review

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to my beauty appointments (i.e. nails, hair, makeup, eyes). Right now, I need EVERYTHING done! As I countdown to the days I leave for Nashville to see the Fall cabi clothing collection (5 days away), I decided to start with my nails.

For years, I’ve had the same nail tech, Jenny. I have special relationships with my beauty experts. I mean, they are responsible for something that’s very important to me, my image! And Jenny, she is my girl. I can always count on her to get my nails right. I can show her an image and she can duplicate it. And if I don’t have anything in mind, she knows my style well enough to come up with something that fits me. I used to see Jenny at the dreaded mall (*sticks tongue out* UGH). It was always loud, crowded, busy, and while I always went to Jenny, it still didn’t feel like a personalized experience. It didn’t feel relaxing, ya know? Thankfully, Jenny has found a new home at Luxury Lifestyle Nails in Melrose Park. This was my first trip and I must say I loved it!

I arrived right at opening time on a Saturday morning. Still calm. Not too many people. Tons of open chairs. I saw Jenny’s pretty colorful hair and I knew this was going to be the relaxing experience I needed, one like I never experienced at the mall. I had my Pinterest pics ready on my phone to show her for my color inspiration and she immediately grabbed the colors I showed her.

I took a seat in the spa pedicure/massage chair and let it beat me up. At 5 months pregnant, that massage was everything! Jenny got to work on these dogs and I sat back, closed my eyes and just relaxed. When I started to think about stuff (like where I was going next, what I’m cooking for dinner, what is this lady saying in Spanish), I immediately went back to my relaxing place and tried to empty my head. They call that meditating, right? I was there to relax damnit, not think! And that I did.

Jenny then escorted me and my belongings to her chair to finish up my no-chip manicure. I was so glad there was a hook to hang my purse! At the mall, I had to place it on a chair beside me until that chair became occupied or sit it behind me…so uncomfortable. I am always impressed at how long my nails have grown since getting the no-chip manicures. I will never add a fake nail nor gel or acrylic to my precious hands again (unless necessary lol)!

The staff was all friendly. All products appeared to be sanitized immediately. The floors were nice and clean. Flat-screen TVs are throughout. I wonder if you can make channel change requests??? With the front door open, it didn’t even smell like a nail shop! I’m not too high maintenance. All I want is to be comfortable, treated like a queen and for my nails to be as pretty as I imagine them in my head!

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see Jenny & the crew at Luxury Lifestyle Nails again in a few weeks and I hope my future experiences are as good as my first!

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Luxury Lifestyle Nails
102 1/2 N 19th Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160
(708) 397-4273 
Instagram: nk_luxury_nails

images courtesy of IG: nk_luxury_nails