Last Minute Gifts

So many people are done gift shopping but I know there’s many of us that notoriously wait until the last minute (raises hand). Still don’t know what to get? Here’s a quick guide for everyone on your list:

For anyone: Cash and/or Gift Card You can’t go wrong with cash. Or try an Amazon gift card. Everyone shops Amazon.

For her: Accessories/Jewelry Most women are excited about a new piece of jewelry. Like shoes, jeans and underwear, you can never have too many. For unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else, shop here. Or check out these accessories, including the super cute arm warmers pictured above. Your aunt, cousin or even the teen girl in your life will love them.

For him: Watch/Gift Card Men can’t get enough watches. Especially when he can say it’s from you. Bonus: Buy a watch display case. For the gamer in your life: grab a Game Stop gift card.

For the (parents of) baby: Diapers + Wipes Mommy, Daddy and Baby will thank you. It’s the one combo EVERY baby (read parent) needs! You can’t go wrong. Don’t forget the gift receipt in case you get the wrong size.

For the kids: Minecraft /Slime If you have a kid age 7-13, chances are they love Minecraft and/or Slime and will be elated to see anything related to one or both under the tree. Bonus: Let them start a YouTube channel. Extra Extra Bonus: Turn them into public shareholders. Give the gift of Financial Literacy and the basics about investing in the stock market from One Stock One Future.

There you go! Quick and easy gifts to grab for everyone on your list! Let me know if I can help further or if there’s someone on the list I missed.

Love, Q