This post is particularly special for me because I actually am not a huge fan of denim-jeans, in particular. I love a chambray blouse or cutoff denim vest but my love for denim stops there. I know some people who are the exact opposite and totally love denim. Kudos to you cuz I just can’t figure it out. Either the jeans are too tight, smash my butt in or have a gap in the back. My preference is a skinny jean with some elastic. I’ll tell you this though, when I do find the perfect fit and wash, I’ll snab a few and tuck em for safekeeping.

Here I go!

I’ve found us some inspiring ways to wear denim this season and I managed to pull off a look of my own that I actually like! Take a look below. What’s your key to finding the right jeans? I’d love to know. 

Love, Q

Photography by: Ollie Photography