I’ve heard/seen a time or 3 that folks these days (mainly youngins) are referring to their birthday as their “Glo Day.” Not one to keep up with all of today’s lingo (I will say fleek, winning and turn up in the privacy of my own home), I will just refer to today as my birthday. Unfortunately, I can’t say that today was as amazing and wonderful as I would have hoped. Why, you ask? Well, these things happened:

  1. I went back to work on my birthday after being out of the office for 5 days. I know, silly me.
  2. My daughter almost got hit by a car.
  3. I had a headache for about 8 hours.
  4. There was a 30 minute wait at the restaurant for dinner.
  5. I had to go to work again the next day.

I know. Poor me. Well, enough complaining. I realize that we all have bad days…I just happened to have one that fell on my birthday. Despite all those things, which I made it through just fine, I am and will forever be eternally grateful to see another day of life. I’ve accomplished so much and I am surrounded by love daily. I have a beautiful daughter and partner, loving family and the best friends! On this day, I was particularly appreciative of social media. Friends and Family stopped by to show birthday love and the messages were an instant pick me up. Thanks yall!

In addition to the wonderful messages, I was able to spend time with my loved ones a few days before my birthday. Good times indeed.