Bright Lights, Big City – Style Series: Day 7

7 Days of 7 Ways to Wear Neon

The final day of this Style Series is EXTRA SPECIAL. If you’ve ever wondered who’s the photography genius behind my infamous garage shots, here she is! ?Allow me to introduce you to Kaydence Trinity, my 11 year old daughter. We have so much fun during our shoots, which is why I’m always laughing and moving during my pics. I also pay her for her time and her work because those shots come out really good ! Yet another way to teach her her worth and how to make her own money EARLY!!

Today I took Kaydence from behind the camera to join me. We’ll both have new #protectivestyles tomorrow so we went au naturale for this one. Although Mommy wears all types of fun hairstyles, I wanted to show her that I don’t have a problem stepping in front of the camera as I am. It’s important that she is also comfortable with who she is, as she is and know that any beauty enhancements-hair, nails, eyelashes etc are temporary- but that we must always come back to who we are and still love ourselves WITHOUT them.

Ironically, a FB memory this week popped up when we were twinning and it melted my heart. My first baby is growing right before my eyes.

I know Kaydence is always watching. And she’s a reflection of me. So you know she’s the shit ✌?

? Daddy @thisiskpilla

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