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In the past, I’ve hardly been the type of person that’s been into “causes”. As I got older (wiser and more concerned), I’ve become more and more intrigued with people, products and services that do or make things for a reason other than making money. One particular brand that I learned about recently is called Amour Vert.  They have a collection of amazing casual wear. But not only do they look good, they’re made, well..good.

“Amour Vert means ‘Green Love’ in French, but it also means American manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers, innovative fabrics, a zero waste design philosophy, and above all enduring style.”

In addition to their clothes being made from non-toxic dyes and sustainable fibers, for every tee shirt sold, they plant a tree in the United States!!! Awesome sauce!

“Amour Vert is deeply committed to making sustainable practices, ethical products and positive environmental impact the gold standard for the fashion industry.”

Read more about Amour Vert and check out their 2015 Spring, Summer and Fall Collections at I’m sold. Spread the word.


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