12 Wardrobe Basics

Need to edit your closet? Make sure when you’re done, you have, at the very minimum these 12 basics. If you don’t, add them to your shopping list.

  1. A crisp, white button down shirt
  2. A tailored blazer or jacket
  3. A fitted tee shirt
  4. A leather jacket
  5. A great pair of leggings
  6. A pair of dark denims
  7. A black dress
  8. A great pair of trousers
  9. A cute pair of booties
  10. A statement necklace
  11. A pair of cute comfy flats
  12. A fashionable belt

Start with these basics and get to building a number of outfits right away. Closet tip: If you can wear it with at least 3 other items in your closet, it’s a keeper!

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Hugs, Q